Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads
Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads
Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads
Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads
Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads
Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads

Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads

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Goddess Hekate Collection: Hekate Pagan Prayer Beads

This striking pagan prayer beads set is 23" (58cm) long and has been handcrafted with poppy jasper, rainbow moonstone, black obsidian, jet black crystals and silver filigree orbs with Hekate, Goddess of witchcraft in mind. Goddess of wild places, she is closely associated with magic.

Hekate hangs with 2 crescent moons from one end of the prayer beads, with a silver key hanging from the other.

Unique Pagan Prayer Beads

Pagan prayer beads are used for meditation, spell casting and focusing spiritual energies. They can be kept on display, used to decorate your home altar, carried in your pocket or bag, or kept safely in their box until you feel the call to use them.

My design here holds 3 sets of 11 gemstones, and a set of 3 and 4 crystals to give a total of 40 beads. 

The number 3 has been chosen to represent mind, body and spirit at the start of the strand. 

The number 11 represents a higher level of understanding, intuition and meta physical abilities. It is also the number of new beginnings, as it follows the completion number of 10.

The crystals at the end of the strand represent the triple goddess, mother, maiden and crone.

Quality artisan beads & gemstones

Rainbow moonstone has been chosen for protection and to bring good luck. It removes obstacles and provides guidance for ones spiritual path and is also thought to intensify feminine 'goddess' energy.

Poppy jasper has been chosen to sustain and support, to bring tranquillity and wholeness.

Obsidian has been chosen as a powerful and creative stone associated with healing.

This item will arrive nicely gift boxed and tied with ribbon, ready to give as a gift or as a treat for yourself.

All of my jewellery is dispatched within 3 business days from the Highlands of Scotland, United Kingdom.