Follow Your Path

The Secret Charm calls out from a remote corner of the Scottish Highlands. Celtic Goddesses and the Old Ways are all around, watching over us from the ancient standing stones, silent burial chambers and forgotten fairy pools. Nature's wild spirits sweep high up the mountain tops and deep down into the lochs and fairy pools far below. The famous Scottish witch Isobel Gowdie lived and died here, and the Celtic myths and legends of ancient folklore swirl around us like forgotten souls.

Sun aligning with clava cairns ancient pagan celtic stones at the winter solstice

This is where my path has lead me. The icy greys and blues of the lochs, the purple heather-clad mountains, and the lush green forests are within me always. I love to be outdoors, running and wild swimming in these magical places, exploring the rich colours, textures and natural forms that inspire me to create.

Each of us must discover our own path. With the energy I send out in the pieces I create I hope to help my fellow sisters follow their own. Following the direction in which their souls are drawn, immersing themselves in a space that feels right in both their heads and hearts.


pagan spell ritual, witch kneeling on the ground holding animal skull and surrounded by a circle of candles

My pieces are alternative and individual like the women who are drawn to them. Inspired by Celtic myth, magic and folklore, nature and the Old Ways, I hand-craft mainly with gemstones, crystals and silver. These are interwoven with hand-crafted artisan glass, ceramics and charms for the positive energies they bestow on the final pieces and to support my creative sisters.


Pagan prayer beads fertility goddess necklace by The Secret Charm

Each of my pieces serves as a powerful reminder to breathe deeply, realign, focus, and manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. Often on beginning a piece I will feel it is destined to belong to one person in particular. 

Follow your path.